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The Night of the Flying Horses

A concert spanning five centuries of musical traditions with works by Osvaldo Golijov, François Couperin and Sapo Perapaskero.

The Night of the Flying Horses is a programme of music that has enchanted and energized us for centuries. Centered around the music of Osvaldo Golijov, an Argentinian contemporary composer with international roots and multiple influences, The Night of the Flying Horses explores moments of wonder and melancholy, interspersed with frenetic, electrifying cavalcades of sound. With works spanning over five centuries, this show features music by Sapo Perapaskero from the band Taraf de Haidouks - a group emblematic of the Roma folklore’s vitality in Romania - and the Baroque refinement of French composer François Couperin.


Osvaldo Golijov and Sapo Perapaskero were first brought together by the Kronos Quartet. Reconnecting with his Eastern European origins, Golijov continued to collaborate with Taraf, even "stealing" a theme from them for his Night of the Flying Horses, a wild gallop that gives its name to our show. Inspired by Golijov’s approach, we also arranged some pieces from the Romanian band for this show. Couperin, on the other hand, was one of Golijov’s great inspirations. The Argentinian composer pays tribute to Couperin in his work Tenebrae, as well as in ​Lúa Descolorida, where he takes us on "a slow motion ride on a cosmic horse".


Even beyond the relationships that link these three universes - direct quotations and shared emotions - there is a musical freedom that incites this gathering of music. Deep pain, sublime beauty, melancholy, and passionate urgency interweave to create an anthology of musical works whose universal scope brings us timely comfort.


This show premiered at Nomad Live in Montreal in March 2019 and toured over the following years in the United States and Canada. It was also the subject of a film-concert produced in 2021.

Music program

Sapo Perapaskero/Taraf of HaïdouksDoina, Hora si briuTot Taraful and Rind de hore

Francois Couperin (1668-1733): 3ème Leçon de Ténèbres, Les Ombres errantes and La Sultanne

Osvaldo Golijov (born in 1960): TenebraeNight of the Flying HorsesLúa Descolorida and How Slow the Wind


All the works are arranged by Thibault Bertin-Maghit.

Creative team

Concept and artistic direction: Thibault Bertin Maghit

Lighting design: Alexandre Peloquin

What they said

“I watched the show and loved it. Everything. The concept, the flow from piece to piece, the arrangements, the freedom and flair in the performances … truly beautiful, it “takes you on a journey”. It was so illuminating to hear [my music] in the context of Taraf and Couperin. Very special. Congratulations to everyone in the ensemble.”

Osvaldo Golijov


The Night of the Flying Horses - The film-concert


The Night of the Flying Horses was the subject of a film-concert (2021). The film is currently available on the platform (from Canada only).

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