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Folk Noir

A portrait of Nicole Lizée, a composer with a signature sound.

In FOLK NOIR, collectif9 dives into the creative mind of Montréal composer Nicole Lizée, accompanying you into a surrealistic world enveloped by machine-inspired glitch, haunting harmonies, and interplay between musical tradition and pop culture. With works composed in this millennium, including a new piece written for the ensemble, FOLK NOIR is full of imagery and narrative in a decor to match the musical inspiration.

This show premiered at Bain Mathieu in Montréal in May 2023 and was co-presented by Le Vivier.

Music program

Music by Nicole Lizée (b. 1973)
Cathedral Mountain (2011)

Ultraviolet Blues (2023)*
Isabella Blow at Somerset House (2015)

Jupiter Moon Menace (2001), for strings and tape
Keep Driving, I'm Dreaming (2017), for strings and tape

* Commissioned by collectif9

For the premiere the programme also included Modern Hearts (2008) performed by Steve Raegele (electric guitar).

Creative team

Concept and artistic direction: Thibault Bertin Maghit

Music:  Nicole Lizée 

Scénographie: Adriana Bogaard

Lighting design: Jean-François Piché

About Nicole Lizée's work

Canadian composer Nicole Lizée leaves you wondering whether you have just witnessed pop culture being turned into high art or vice versa. The answer, of course, is that the line has been obliterated.”

- The Sydney Morning Herald


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