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An immersive music and video creation that deconstructs the music of an iconic composer.

Created jointly with composers and video artists Myriam Boucher and Pierre-Luc Lecours, Héros interweaves 18th-century musical ideas with the contemporary in a space blanketed by large-scale video projections. While sonically representative of electronic music, Héros invokes older musical styles with reworked quotations from music by the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven. As the music alternates between moments of melodic and harmonic beauty with aural and visual tension, the musicians navigate between the natural world and a constructed one, creating a dialogue between different aesthetics and musical currents.

The musicians of collectif9 occupy the space in different configurations, while video projections played in real time echo the music as much as they suggest its interpretation. With its amplified sounds, moving musicians, and projections travelling on the walls and floor, Héros is a strikingly immersive experience.

This show premiered as part of festival La Folle Journée de Nantes (France) in January 2020, following a creative residency at the Centennial Theatre in Lennoxville (Québec)

Music program

Heroes, a 50-minute music and video creation in 5 movements

by Myriam Boucher and Pierre-Luc Lecours


Commissioned by collectif9.

Creative team

Artistic direction: Thibault Bertin Maghit

Music and video composition: Myriam Boucher and Pierre-Luc Lecours


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