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Upcoming show in Montréal

Join us for Musique sur passacaille, on May 21 at Bain Mathieu.


May 21, 2022

Bain Mathieu, 2915 Ontario E, Montréal (Frontenac station)

doors at 7:30 pm

In Musique sur passacaille, collectif9 reveals surprising musical connections using an old form from European classical art music. Through works by Frescobaldi, R. Murray Schafer, Caroline Shaw, Webern, Ligeti, and a world premiere by Rose Bolton, discover a wide-reaching exploratory programme sustained by the repetitive bass lines characteristic of the passacaglia.


GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643) - Cento partite sopra passacagli

CAROLINE SHAW (born in 1982) - Passacaglia

ROSE BOLTON (born in 1971) - The Path Whereon We Do Not Go (première)

ANTON WEBERN (1883-1945) - Passacaglia, op. 1

GYORGY LIGETI (1923-2006) - Passacaglia ungherese

R. MURRAY SCHAFER (1933-2021) - Quartet no. 11


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